Coverage-Based Summaries for RDF KBsDownload PDF

Published: 19 Apr 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023ESWC2021 P&DReaders: Everyone
Keywords: RDF Summaries, Coverage, Summaries, RDF
TL;DR: Summaries that maximize their utility for query answering (the query coverage)
Abstract: As more and more data become available as linked data, the need for efficient and effective methods for their exploration becomes apparent. Semantic summaries try to extract meaning from data, while reducing its size. State of the art structural semantic summaries, focus primarily on the graph structure of the data, trying to maximize the summary’s utility for query answering, i.e. the query coverage. In this poster paper, we present an algorithm, trying to maximize the aforementioned query coverage, using ideas borrowed from result diversification. The key idea of our algorithm is that, instead of focusing only to the “central” nodes, to push node selection also to the perimeter of the graph. Our experiments show the po-tential of our algorithm and demonstrate the considerable advantages gained for answering larger fragments of user queries.
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