HISPAMUS: Handwritten Spanish Music Heritage Preservation by Automatic TranscriptionDownload PDF

Jul 16, 2018 (edited Aug 24, 2018)ISMIR 2018 WoRMS SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Heritage, Notation transcription, Encoding, Optical music recognition, Handwritten, Mensural notation
  • Abstract: The HISPAMUS proposal aims at enhancing the Hispanic music heritage from the 15th to the 19th centuries, by exploiting the digital resources of these collections. In addition, thousands of oral tradition melodies that were compiled by folklorists in the 1950s decade are digitized just as images, currently without the possibility of content-based search or study. It is necessary to develop services and tools for the benefit of archives, libraries, scholars, computer scientists and general public. HISPAMUS tries to provide smart access to archival manuscripts of music scores, allowing its reuse and exploitation. In order to reach this ambitious goal, our group can provide cutting-edge technology in the fields of Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Optical Music Recognition.
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