A Contextual Discretization framework for compressing Recurrent Neural Networks

Aidan Clark, Vinay Uday Prabhu, John Whaley

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  • Abstract: In this paper, we address the issue of training Recurrent Neural Networks with binary weights and introduce a novel Contextualized Discretization (CD) framework and showcase its effectiveness across multiple RNN architectures and two disparate tasks. We also propose a modified GRU architecture that allows harnessing the CD method and reclaim the exclusive usage of weights in $\{-1, 1\}$, which in turn reduces the number of power-two bit multiplications from $O(n^3)$ to $O(n^2)$.
  • TL;DR: A new technique for weight binarized compression of Recurrent Neural Networks
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  • Keywords: Deep learning, Supervised Learning, Applications
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