Efficient Neural Architecture Search on Low-Dimensional Data for OCT Image SegmentationDownload PDF

11 Apr 2019 (modified: 05 May 2023)MIDL Abstract 2019Readers: Everyone
Keywords: Neural Architecture Search, Deep Learning, Segmentation, OCT
TL;DR: An efficient approach for NAS and image segmentation by searching for architectures on cheap, low-dimensional data.
Abstract: Typically, deep learning architectures are handcrafted for their respective learning problem. As an alternative, neural architecture search (NAS) has been proposed where the architecture's structure is learned in an additional optimization step. For the medical imaging domain, this approach is very promising as there are diverse problems and imaging modalities that require architecture design. However, NAS is very time-consuming and medical learning problems often involve high-dimensional data with high computational requirements. We propose an efficient approach for NAS in the context of medical, image-based deep learning problems by searching for architectures on low-dimensional data which are subsequently transferred to high-dimensional data. For OCT-based layer segmentation, we demonstrate that a search on 1D data reduces search time by 87.5% compared to a search on 2D data while the final 2D models achieve similar performance.
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