CommAI: Evaluating the first steps towards a useful general AIDownload PDF

14 Jul 2024 (modified: 31 Jan 2017)ICLR 2017 workshop submissionReaders: Everyone
Abstract: With machine learning successfully applied to new daunting problems almost every day, general AI starts looking like an attainable goal. However, most current research focuses instead on important but narrow applications, such as image classification or machine translation. We believe this to be largely due to the lack of objective ways to measure progress towards broad machine intelligence. In order to fill this gap, we propose here a set of concrete desiderata for general AI, together with a platform to test machines on how well they satisfy such desiderata, while keeping all further complexities to a minimum.
TL;DR: We present some desiderata for a useful intelligent machine, and an environment in which machines can be evaluated based on such desiderata.
Keywords: Theory, Natural language processing, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning
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