A business value driven approach to a new L(O?)D definitionDownload PDF

Jun 02, 2018ISWC 2018 DeSemWeb SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Submission Category: Vision Statement
  • Keywords: Linked Data, Data Interoperability, Open Data, Semantic Web
  • TL;DR: forget HTTP, RDF, URIS, what is the simplest thing that will unlock allow exchanges between communities that already exchange data?
  • Abstract: In this short position statement, we start from the discouraging state of the “LOD” efforts and discuss a more humble “catalyst” research approach. Moving slightly away from the concept of “Web”, the research would start from studying successful “D Communities” - communities around data - to identify ideal candidate for first pragmatic data interoperability “bridges” forming a new LD cloud. Just later, if possible and not as primary concern the research would look at the O part. It is envisioned that technically, the result might be completely different from the mechanisms envisioned in the current LOD cloud (e.g. might not use RDF, OWL and will include all sort of exchanges including emails and manual web form submission) but the less elegant approach impact on society and business might be enormous and ultimately a revolutionary success for Semantic Web research.
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