ECG Representation Learning with Multi-Modal EHR Data

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Abstract: Electronic Health Records (EHRs) provide a rich source of medical information across different modalities such as electrocardiograms (ECG), structured EHRs (sEHR), and unstructured EHRs (text). Inspired by the fact that many cardiac and non-cardiac diseases influence the behavior of the ECG, we leverage structured EHRs and unstructured EHRs from multiple sources by pairing with ECGs and propose a set of three new multi-modal contrastive learning models that combine ECG, sEHR, and text modalities. The performance of these models is compared against different baseline models such as supervised learning models trained from scratch with random weights initialization, and self-supervised learning models trained only on ECGs. We pre-train the models on a large proprietary dataset of about 9 $million$ ECGs from around 2.4 $million$ patients and evaluate the pre-trained models on various downstream tasks such as classification, zero-shot retrieval, and out-of-distribution detection involving the prediction of various heart conditions using ECG waveforms as input, and demonstrate that the models presented in this work show significant improvements compared to all baseline modes.
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