Oracles and Followers: Stackelberg Equilibria in Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement LearningDownload PDF


22 Sept 2022, 12:36 (modified: 18 Nov 2022, 21:21)ICLR 2023 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory, Security Games, Mechanism Design, Stackelberg Equilibrium, Indirect Mechanism Design
TL;DR: We show a general framework for learning Stackelberg Equilibrian in multi-agent reinforcement learning
Abstract: Stackelberg equilibria arise naturally in a range of popular learning problems, such as in security games or indirect mechanism design, and have received in- creasing attention in the reinforcement learning literature. We present a general framework for implementing Stackelberg equilibria search as a multi-agent RL problem, allowing a wide range of algorithmic design choices. We discuss how previous approaches can be seen as specific instantiations of this framework. As a key insight, we note that the design space allows for approaches not previously seen in the literature, for instance by leveraging multitask and meta-RL techniques for follower convergence. We propose one such approach using contextual poli- cies and evaluate it experimentally on standard benchmark domains. Finally, we illustrate the effect of adopting designs outside the borders of our framework in controlled experiments.
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