Graph Learning Indexer: A Contributor-Friendly and Metadata-Rich Platform for Graph Learning BenchmarksDownload PDF

Published: 24 Nov 2022, Last Modified: 12 Mar 2024LoG 2022 OralReaders: Everyone
Keywords: benchmarks, graph learning, contributor-centric design
TL;DR: We introduce the design principles of Graph Learning Indexer (GLI), a contributor-friendly platform for better curation of graph learning benchmarks.
Abstract: Establishing open and general benchmarks has been a critical driving force behind the success of modern machine learning techniques. As machine learning is being applied to broader domains and tasks, there is a need to establish richer and more diverse benchmarks to better reflect the reality of the application scenarios. Graph learning is an emerging field of machine learning that urgently needs more and better benchmarks. To accommodate the need, we introduce Graph Learning Indexer (GLI), a benchmark curation platform for graph learning. In comparison to existing graph learning benchmark libraries, GLI highlights two novel design objectives. First, GLI is designed to incentivize \emph{dataset contributors}. In particular, we incorporate various measures to minimize the effort of contributing and maintaining a dataset, increase the usability of the contributed dataset, as well as encourage attributions to different contributors of the dataset. Second, GLI is designed to curate a knowledge base, instead of a plain collection, of benchmark datasets. We use multiple sources of meta information to augment the benchmark datasets with \emph{rich characteristics}, so that they can be easily selected and used in downstream research or development. The source code of GLI is available at \url{}.
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