Multi-label Learning with Missing Values using Combined Facial Action Unit DatasetsDownload PDF

Jun 10, 2020 (edited Jul 10, 2020)ICML 2020 Workshop Artemiss SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Action Unit Detection, Missing Labels, Multi Label, Deep Learning, Affective Computing
  • TL;DR: We explore multi-label learning with missing values using combined facial action unit datasets.
  • Abstract: Facial action units allow an objective, standardized description of facial micro movements which can be used to describe emotions in human faces. Annotating data for action units is an expensive and time-consuming task, which leads to a scarce data situation. By combining multiple datasets from different studies, the amount of training data for a machine learning algorithm can be increased in order to create robust models for automated, multi-label action unit detection. However, every study annotates different action units, leading to a tremendous amount of missing labels in a combined database. In this work, we examine this challenge and present our approach to create a combined database and an algorithm capable of learning under the presence of missing labels without inferring their values. Our approach shows competitive performance compared to recent competitions in action unit detection.
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