Test-Time Mixup Augmentation for Uncertainty Estimation in Skin Lesion DiagnosisDownload PDF

Apr 06, 2021 (edited Apr 20, 2021)MIDL 2021 Conference Short SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Uncertainty estimation, Mixup, Data augmentation, Skin lesion diagnosis
  • Abstract: Uncertainty is considered to be an important measure that provides valuable information on the learning behavior of deep neural networks. In this paper, we propose an uncertainty estimation method using test-time mixup augmentation (TTMA). The TTMA uncertainty is obtained by replacing affine augmentation with the mixup in the existing test-time augmentation (TTA) method. In addition to the data uncertainty, we propose TTMA-based class-specific uncertainty, which can provide information on between-class confusion. In experiments on the skin lesion diagnosis dataset, we confirmed that the proposed TTMA not only provides better epistemic uncertainty than TTA but also provides information on between-class confusion through class-specific uncertainty.
  • Paper Type: methodological development
  • Primary Subject Area: Uncertainty Estimation
  • Secondary Subject Area: Interpretability and Explainable AI
  • Paper Status: original work, not submitted yet
  • Source Code Url: TBD
  • Data Set Url: https://challenge2018.isic-archive.com/
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