MASIL: Towards Maximum Separable Class Representation for Few Shot Class Incremental Learning

Published: 18 Jun 2023, Last Modified: 24 Jun 2023TAGML2023 PosterEveryoneRevisions
Keywords: FSCIL, Continual Learning
TL;DR: Few Shot Class Incremental Learning
Abstract: Few Shot Class Incremental Learning (FSCIL) with few examples per class for each incremental session is the realistic setting of continual learning since obtaining large number of annotated samples is not feasible and cost effective. We present the framework MASIL as a step towards learning the maximal separable classifier. It addresses the common problem i.e forgetting of old classes and over-fitting to novel classes by learning the classifier weights to be maximally separable between classes forming a simplex Equiangular Tight Frame. We propose the idea of concept factorization explaining the collapsed features for base session classes in terms of concept basis and use these to induce classifier simplex for few shot classes. We further adds fine tuning to reduce any error occurred during factorization and train the classifier jointly on base and novel classes without retaining any base class samples in memory. Experimental results on miniImageNet, CIFAR-100 and CUB-200 demonstrate that MASIL outperforms all the benchmarks.
Type Of Submission: Proceedings Track (8 pages)
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