Multi-platform data search and access method to compose digital twins using metadataDownload PDF

10 Jul 2023 (modified: 10 Oct 2023)AIS-J 2021 Journal SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Digital Twin, BIM, IFC, IFC model server, Linked Data, metadata
Abstract: Various real-world applications are implemented to make life comfortable, convenient, and safe. The data and applications are tightly coupled. Application implementation costs are high because data reusability is low. Data reusability is increased by implementing a mechanism that collects data according to the requirements of real-world applications, builds a digital twin (DT) from the collected data, and combines the data with real-world applications. Therefore, platforms providing data to creating DTs are emerging. However, DT data platforms have the following problems. As DT data platforms proliferate, they are distributed across multiple platforms. Consequently, it is difficult for real-world application implementers to obtain data for creating a DT. Data reprocurement increases application implementation costs. Herein, methods for solving data reusability problems are proposed. A function for outputting metadata representing the spatial structure was implemented on spatial data platforms. Data delivery interfaces are implemented in data platforms that manage data related to spatial data. The method for accessing the related data is described in the metadata section. In this study, prototype systems for building information modeling (BIM) data were implemented using the proposed method. The industry foundation classes (IFC) model server, which exports metadata, was implemented. The API Server, which manages the building of the 3D model data, was implemented. The endpoints for accessing the 3D data API server are described in the metadata.
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