Convolution Meets LoRA: Parameter Efficient Finetuning for Segment Anything Model

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Keywords: Parameter-efficient fine-tuning, Segment Anything Model, LoRA, Semantic Segmentation
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Abstract: The Segment-Anything Model (SAM) stands as a foundational framework for image segmentation. While it exhibits remarkable zero-shot generalization in typical scenarios, its advantage diminishes when applied to specialized domains like medical imagery and remote sensing. To address this limitation, this paper introduces Conv-LoRA, a simple yet effective parameter-efficient fine-tuning approach. By integrating ultra-lightweight convolutional parameters into Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA), Conv-LoRA can inject image-related inductive biases into the plain ViT encoder, further reinforcing SAM’s local prior assumption. Notably, Conv-LoRA not only preserves SAM’s extensive segmentation knowledge but also revives its capacity of learning high-level image semantics, which is constrained by SAM’s foreground-background segmentation pretraining. Comprehensive experimentation across diverse benchmarks spanning multiple domains underscores Conv-LoRA’s superiority in adapting SAM to real-world semantic segmentation tasks.
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Primary Area: transfer learning, meta learning, and lifelong learning
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