What Methods Can Model Fracture in the Material Point Method

07 Sept 2022 (modified: 05 May 2023)MPM 2022 Workshop SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Fracture, Damage Mechanics, Phase Field, Cracks
TL;DR: Various fracture methods are implemented in one MPM code and compared
Abstract: Everyone seems to have "the best" approach to modeling crack propagation and fracture. The goal of this talk will be compare various methods in the material point method (MPM) and all within the same software. When possible, the results will be compared to linear elastic fracture mechanics predictions. The various MPM methods include CRAMP (an extension of MPM to model explicit cracks), simple-minded isotropic damage mechanics (IDaM), anisotropic damage mechanics (ADaM), and much-hyped phase-field fracture methods (PFM). These results can give similar results for simplistic problems (e.g., unstable crack growth in single-edge notched specimens). They give vary different results in problems involving crack propagation. Some methods (especially IDAM and PFM) lack options to distinguish mode I and mode II failure. PFM has very limited options for modeling different material types. This talk will outline all the methods and apply them to various problems.
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