XCI-Sketch: Extraction of Color Information from Images for Generation of Colored Outlines and SketchesDownload PDF

27 Sept 2021, 17:50 (modified: 18 Nov 2021, 19:13)DGMs and Applications @ NeurIPS 2021 PosterReaders: Everyone
Abstract: Sketches are a medium to convey a visual scene from an individual's creative perspective. The addition of color substantially enhances the overall expressivity of a sketch. This paper proposes two methods to mimic human-drawn colored sketches by utilizing the Contour Drawing Dataset. Our first approach renders colored outline sketches by applying image processing techniques aided by k-means color clustering. The second method uses a generative adversarial network to develop a model that can generate colored sketches from previously unobserved images. We assess the results obtained through quantitative and qualitative evaluations.
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