Like hiking? You probably enjoy nature: Persona-grounded Dialog with Commonsense ExpansionsDownload PDF

Published: 18 Sept 2021, Last Modified: 22 Oct 2023CSKBReaders: Everyone
Keywords: commonsense expansions, dialog, commonsense knowledge bases, dialog generation, persona-grounded dialog, chitchat
TL;DR: A variational learning framework to capture commonsense implications of input persona in a persona-grounded dialog agent using richer expansions obtained from existing commonsense knowledge bases.
Abstract: Existing persona-grounded dialog models often fail to capture simple implications of given persona descriptions, something which humans are able to do seamlessly. For example, state-of-the-art models cannot infer that interest in hiking might imply love for nature or longing for a break. In this paper, we propose to expand available persona sentences using existing commonsense knowledge bases and paraphrasing resources to imbue dialog models with access to an expanded and richer set of persona descriptions. Additionally, we introduce fine-grained grounding on personas by encouraging the model to make a discrete choice among persona sentences while synthesizing a dialog response. Since such a choice is not observed in the data, we model it using a discrete latent random variable and use variational learning to sample from hundreds of persona expansions. Our model outperforms competitive baselines on the PersonaChat dataset in terms of dialog quality and diversity while achieving persona-consistent and controllable dialog generation.
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