A lesson for teaching fundamental Machine Learning concepts and skills to molecular biologistsDownload PDF

Jun 28, 2021 (edited Aug 19, 2021)ECMLPKDD 2021 Workshop TeachML Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: machine learning, molecular biology, bioinformatics, scikit-learn
  • TL;DR: A collection of data sets, selected Python libraries and multimodal methods to teach machine learning skills to molecular biologists.
  • Abstract: Machine Learning represents an invaluable set of tools for the analysis of data in molecular biology as well as bio-medicine. Here we present an training approach to teach fundamental machine learning skills to researchers in their early career stage (PhD and postdoc level) with the aim to empower them to apply these methods in their own research projects. The content was developed for being delivered in a short and intense learning period as part of a remote systems biology workshop but can be adapted to other scenarios with a less restricted time frame.
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