Zero-Shot Learning and Clustering for Semantic Utterance Classification

Yann N. Dauphin, Gokhan Tur, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Larry Heck

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  • Abstract: We propose two novel zero-shot learning methods for semantic utterance classification (SUC) using deep learning. Both approaches rely on learning deep semantic embeddings from a large amount of Query Click Log data obtained from a search engine. Traditional semantic utterance classification systems require large amounts of labelled data, whereas our proposed methods make use of the structure of the task to allow classification without labeled data. We also develop a zero-shot semantic clustering algorithm for extracting discriminative features for supervised semantic utterance classification systems. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the zero-shot semantic learning algorithm on the SUC dataset collected by cite{DCN}. Furthermore, we show that extracting features using zero-shot semantic clustering for a linear SVM reaches state-of-the-art result on that dataset.
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