SelfCheck: Using LLMs to Zero-Shot Check Their Own Step-by-Step Reasoning

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Keywords: large language models, LLMs, reasoning
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Abstract: The recent progress in large language models (LLMs), especially the invention of chain-of-thought prompting, has made it possible to automatically answer questions by stepwise reasoning. However, when faced with more complicated problems that require non-linear thinking, even the strongest LLMs make mistakes. To address this, we explore whether LLMs are able to recognize errors in their own step-by-step reasoning, without resorting to external resources. To this end, we propose SelfCheck, a general-purpose zero-shot verification schema for recognizing such errors. We then use the results of these checks to improve question-answering performance by conducting weighted voting on multiple solutions to the question. We test SelfCheck on math- and logic-based datasets and find that it successfully recognizes errors and, in turn, increases final answer accuracies.
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