The Nuremberg Address Knowledge GraphDownload PDF

Published: 19 Apr 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023ESWC2021 P&DReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Knowledge Graphs, Cultural Heritage, History
TL;DR: The Nuremberg Address Knowledge Graph is a graph which contains information on historical people and organizations of Nuremberg.
Abstract: The research of European history across various time layers gives insights about the development of the European cultural identity. Nuremberg as one of the great European metropolises during the Middle Ages experienced a number of transformations throughout the centuries. Within the TRANSRAZ research project, Nuremberg and the development of its architecture and culture is recreated from the 17th to the 21st century. It will be available for researchers and the public by means of an interactive 3D environment. Goal of this poster paper is to discuss the ongoing work of connecting heterogeneous historical data from sources previously hidden in archives to the 3D model using knowledge graphs for a scientifically accurate exploration of Nuremberg. The contribution of this paper is the Nuremberg Address Knowledge Graph (NA-KG) which contains information of people and organizations in Nuremberg from unstructured data of Nuremberg address books.
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