AR robot motion intent communication in collaborative assembly: Presentation of a study conceptDownload PDF

18 Feb 2022, 08:40 (modified: 01 Jul 2022, 18:53)VAM-HRI 2022Readers: Everyone
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Human Robot Collaboration, nonverbal communication, object handover
Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) has been increasingly used in Human Robot Interaction (HRI) research also for the robot motion intent communication. One goal here is to find out how AR technology can be used to close the communication gap in human robot collaboration (HRC). More specifically, in which ways the AR-technology can be utilized to make robot's actions transparent and comprehensible to humans. Accordingly, this paper presents a study design that compares three different AR applications, two of them being existing approaches in slightly modified form and another newly developed approach. In this context, a collaborative assembly scenario in a robot-human object handover task is extended with the Microsoft HoloLens to investigate the extent to which the approaches differ in terms of perceived pleasantness and task completion time. In future work, the study is to be conducted in order to provide implications for the design of AR cues in robot to human object handovers.
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