Learning Through Limited Self-Supervision: Improving Time-Series Classification Without Additional Data via Auxiliary Tasks

Sep 25, 2019 Blind Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
  • TL;DR: We show that extra unlabeled data is not required for self-supervised auxiliary tasks to be useful for time series classification, and present new and effective auxiliary tasks.
  • Abstract: Self-supervision, in which a target task is improved without external supervision, has primarily been explored in settings that assume the availability of additional data. However, in many cases, particularly in healthcare, one may not have access to additional data (labeled or otherwise). In such settings, we hypothesize that self-supervision based solely on the structure of the data at-hand can help. We explore a novel self-supervision framework for time-series data, in which multiple auxiliary tasks (e.g., forecasting) are included to improve overall performance on a sequence-level target task without additional training data. We call this approach limited self-supervision, as we limit ourselves to only the data at-hand. We demonstrate the utility of limited self-supervision on three sequence-level classification tasks, two pertaining to real clinical data and one using synthetic data. Within this framework, we introduce novel forms of self-supervision and demonstrate their utility in improving performance on the target task. Our results indicate that limited self-supervision leads to a consistent improvement over a supervised baseline, across a range of domains. In particular, for the task of identifying atrial fibrillation from small amounts of electrocardiogram data, we observe a nearly 13% improvement in the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC-ROC) relative to the baseline (AUC-ROC=0.55 vs. AUC-ROC=0.62). Limited self-supervision applied to sequential data can aid in learning intermediate representations, making it particularly applicable in settings where data collection is difficult.
  • Code: https://bit.ly/2l2X4ax
  • Keywords: Sequential Representation Learning, Self-Supervision, Function Approximation
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