euroCRIS and VIVO: Bringing Technologies and Communities Closer

Published: 05 Jun 2019, Last Modified: 05 May 2023VIVO 2019Readers: Everyone
TL;DR: Learn about current research information (CRIS) systems, see implementations that pair VIVO and CRISs, and get an update on collaborative projects with the VIVO and euroCRIS communities.
Abstract: What makes current research information (CRIS) systems different from other research information systems used around the world? And what does this mean for VIVO? This workshop introduces CRISs to VIVO users in both the US, Europe and beyond. We’ll compare institutional goals for managing research information and show how they drive the selection of tools, platforms and systems as well as public implementations of these platforms. We’ll explore a number of VIVO implementations that consume and display CRIS data brilliantly. And we’ll get an update on the collaboration between euroCRIS and the VIVO community to map and load CERIF data to VIVO. Workshop agenda: 1. Introduction to CRISs: * How CRISs differ from other systems like repositories and grants systems (pre-award and post-award) * CRIS use cases in Europe (for reporting, for management support, for generating profiles and CV’s, for managing and archiving research data, and more) 2. Pairing VIVO and CRISs: the benefits and challenges of creating and maintaining VIVOs based on institutional CRIS implementations 3. Promoting and facilitating interoperability: using standards to make the exchange of data between CRIS and VIVO easier and more efficient. Update on: the CERIF2VIVO mapping project.
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