On Learning Wire-Length Efficient Neural NetworksDownload PDF

Oct 19, 2018 (edited Nov 09, 2018)NIPS 2018 Workshop CDNNRIA Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: Pruning neural networks for wiring length efficiency is considered. Three techniques are proposed and experimentally tested: distance-based regularization, nested-rank pruning, and layer-by-layer bipartite matching. The first two algorithms are used in the training and pruning phases, respectively, and the third is used in the arranging neurons phase. Experiments show that distance-based regularization with weight based pruning tends to perform the best, with or without layer-by-layer bipartite matching. These results suggest that these techniques may be useful in creating neural networks for implementation in widely deployed specialized circuits.
  • TL;DR: Three new algorithms with ablation studies to prune neural network to optimize for wiring length, as opposed to number of remaining weights.
  • Keywords: energy, pruning, image recognition, neural networks
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