Logistic Regression for Predicting Movie’s Success

May 27, 2018 ICML 2018 RML Submission readers: everyone
  • Abstract: Using predictive modelling, we identify patterns and anomalies in a data set comprising of historical information. This obtained order aids in foreseeing a value associated with new information and provides a probability attached to it. Its applications have proven to be invaluable in the field of social science, but we wish to extend it into further arenas. This paper presents steps involved in developing a Logistic Regression model based on various parameters affecting movie ticket sales. With further analysis and modification, this study can be used as early as in predicting if a movie’s script will provide a favourable outcome for the production house.
  • Keywords: Logistic Regression, Vanishing Gradient, Sigmoid, Normalisation
  • TL;DR: Describes how to use logistic regression for predicting a movies profitabililty
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