Towards Eliminating Hard Label Constraints in Gradient Inversion Attacks

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Keywords: label recovery, gradient inversion attacks
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TL;DR: We initialize a novel method to analytically recover the augmented label as well as last layer features from single input in gradient inversion attacks, disclosing a necessary condition for all analytical-based label recovery methods.
Abstract: Gradient inversion attacks aim to reconstruct local training data from intermediate gradients exposed in the federated learning framework. Despite successful attacks, all previous methods, starting from reconstructing a single data point and then relaxing the single-image limit to batch level, are only tested under hard label constraints. Even for single-image reconstruction, we still lack an analysis-based algorithm to recover augmented soft labels. In this work, we change the focus from enlarging batchsize to investigating the hard label constraints, considering a more realistic circumstance where label smoothing and mixup techniques are used in the training process. In particular, we are the first to initiate a novel algorithm to simultaneously recover the ground-truth augmented label and the input feature of the last fully-connected layer from single-input gradients, and provide a necessary condition for any analytical-based label recovery methods. Extensive experiments testify to the label recovery accuracy, as well as the benefits to the following image reconstruction. We believe soft labels in classification tasks are worth further attention in gradient inversion attacks.
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