Coseismic site response and slope instability in MPM

23 Aug 2022 (modified: 05 May 2023)MPM 2022 Workshop SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Abstract: In this contribution, we investigate the performance of periodic boundary conditions and the explicit generalized-alpha time scheme in the Material Point Method (MPM) for the simulation of coseismic site response. An intuitive particle-relocation algorithm ensures that material points remain within the mesh. The explicit generalized-alpha time scheme is implemented in MPM to dampen spurious high-frequency oscillations. The MPM site response solution is verified against linear-elastic FEM and analytical solutions. Finally, the new features are applied to a real-scale symmetric embankment, and the effects of ground motion, scale, and constitutive models on the structure’s failure and runout are discussed. Comparison is also made to the Newmark analytical solution. This analysis highlights the capabilities of MPM to capture the full deformation process for earthquake engineering applications.
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