Feature Encodings for Gradient Boosting with AutomungeDownload PDF

04 Oct 2022, 08:28 (modified: 25 Oct 2022, 19:23)HITY Workshop NeurIPS 2022Readers: Everyone
Keywords: preprocessing, tabular
TL;DR: Validation of default encodings by Automunge library, note that binarization outperformed one hot encoding.
Abstract: Automunge is a tabular preprocessing library that encodes dataframes for supervised learning. When selecting a default feature encoding strategy for gradient boosted learning, one may consider metrics of training duration and achieved predictive performance associated with the feature representations. Automunge offers a default of binarization for categoric features and z-score normalization for numeric. The presented study sought to validate those defaults by way of benchmarking on a series of diverse data sets by encoding variations with tuned gradient boosted learning. We found that on average our chosen defaults were top performers both from a tuning duration and a model performance standpoint. Another key finding was that one hot encoding did not perform in a manner consistent with suitability to serve as a categoric default in comparison to categoric binarization. We present here these and further benchmarks.
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