Integrating Common Sense and Planning with Large Language Models for Room TidyingDownload PDF

Published: 13 Jun 2023, Last Modified: 01 Jul 2023RSS-23 LTAMP PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Task and Motion Planning, Large Language Models, Commonsense Reasoning
Abstract: Do you want a personal housekeeper robot? This project seeks to endow robots with the capability of tidying up messy rooms with brief natural language descriptions of the environment. We address three key challenges: (i) incomplete map information in the description, (ii) commonsense understanding of object locations, and (iii) long-horizon planning and acting to achieve the objective. To tackle these challenges, we leverage Large Language Models' (LLMs) understanding of typical layouts of human-living environments and object locations, as well as programming and control skills for action execution. Specifically, we prompt ChatGPT to reconstruct complete map representations from partial descriptions, then generate a high-level action plan in the form of Python functions, and finally refine the plans with atomic actions executable by the robot. We show that our framework enables effective room rearrangement with limited human instruction guidance. On simulation and real-world maps, it is able to find a place missing out from human description within three interactions with humans. In the simulation environment, it is capable of putting more than 80\% household objects in their desired place. This study provides preliminary evidence that LLMs have common sense about the spatial layout of human-living environments and object arrangements, and this work connects this knowledge to robotics tasks.
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