Real Robot Challenge Phase 3 (sombertortoise)Download PDF


Jan 27, 2021 (edited Jan 27, 2021)RCC 2020 Challenge Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: hierarchical controller, dexterous manipulation
  • TL;DR: We use a hierarchical controller that sequences manipulation primitives to grasp, lift, and rotate a cuboid with the TriFinger robot.
  • Abstract: In Phase 3, we use a mid-level policy with three separate low-level primitives to solve the cuboid manipulation task at the four difficulty levels. Each task is decomposed into three stages: moving the fingers to the cube to grasp it, rotating it on the table to minimize orientation error, and reposing it with three fingers. These grasping, lifting, and rotating primitives are sequenced with a state-machine that determines which primitive to execute given the current state, goal, and difficulty level. In our evaluation, our mid-level policy shows robust performance over multiple runs with randomized initial and goal positions.
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