Modeling correlations in spontaneous activity of visual cortex with centered Gaussian-binary deep Boltzmann machines

nan wang, Laurenz Wiskott, Dirk Jancke

Dec 23, 2013 (modified: Dec 23, 2013) ICLR 2014 conference submission readers: everyone
  • Decision: submitted, no decision
  • Abstract: Spontaneous cortical activity -- the ongoing cortical activities in absence of sensory input -- are considered to play a vital role in many aspects of both normal brain functions and mental dysfunctions. We present a centered Gaussian-binary deep Boltzmann machine (GDBM) for modeling the activity in visual cortex and relate the random sampling in DBMs to the spontaneous cortical activity. After training on natural image patches, the proposed model is able to learn the filters similar to the receptive fields of simple cells in V1. Furthermore, we show that the samples collected from random sampling in the centered GDBMs encompass similar activity patterns as found in the spontaneous cortical activity of the visual cortex. Specifically, filters having the same orientation preference tend to be active together during random sampling. Our work demonstrates the homeostasis learned by the centered GDBM and its potential for modeling visual cortical activity. Besides, the results support the hypothesis that the homeostatic mechanism exists in the cortex.
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