Third-party payment specification for Mobility as a ServiceDownload PDF

Jul 09, 2021SEMANTiCS 2021 Workshop Sem4Tra SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: third-party payment, semantics, mobility-as-a-service, maas
  • TL;DR: How third-parties can compensate the trip cost of travellers leveraging semantics
  • Abstract: MaaS is able to calculate the least expensive route over multiple mo‐ bility providers as billing information has already been standardized . However, this does not include third-party payment schemes where a third party, such as a local government, compensates a part of a travellers’ trip cost when certain cri‐ teria are met. To automatize third-party agreements for MaaS, we propose (i) a specification to set up a third-party payment system specifying, among others, how multimodal criteria and trips can be semantically described, and (ii) an open source validator tool returning the compensation for a trip. In future work, we are investigating how personal data can be integrated using Solid data pods.
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