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Published: 19 Apr 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023ESWC2021 P&DReaders: Everyone
Keywords: ontology, artifact, resource, thesis, NeOn, competency questions
TL;DR: Ontology for Informatics Research Artifacts: its motivation, design rationale, description and validation
Abstract: The IRAO ontology, as a new contribution to the network of ontologies for the scholarly domain, aims to model the most tangible aspect of research in computing disciplines – the research artifacts. It consists of parts focusing on the concepts of researcher, research artifact classification, research artifact meta information, relationships between artifacts, and research artifact quality evaluation benchmarks that are used to express the quality and maturity of each research artifact. We describe the ontology design requirements using competency questions and the evaluation of the ontology by the same questions that helped in defining the concept domain coverage.
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