Q(D)O-ES: Population-based Quality (Diversity) Optimisation for Post Hoc Ensemble Selection in AutoMLDownload PDF

Published: 16 May 2023, Last Modified: 05 Sept 2023AutoML 2023 MainTrackReaders: Everyone
Keywords: AutoML, Ensembles, Post Hoc Ensesmbling, Classification, Diversity, Quality Diversity Optimisation, Ensemble Selection
TL;DR: A Novel Method for Post Hoc Ensemble Selection in AutoML.
Abstract: Automated machine learning (AutoML) systems commonly ensemble models post hoc to improve predictive performance, typically via greedy ensemble selection (GES). However, we believe that GES may not always be optimal, as it performs a simple deterministic greedy search. In this work, we introduce two novel population-based ensemble selection methods, QO-ES and QDO-ES, and compare them to GES. While QO-ES optimises solely for predictive performance, QDO-ES also considers the diversity of ensembles within the population, maintaining a diverse set of well-performing ensembles during optimisation based on ideas of quality diversity optimisation. The methods are evaluated using 71 classification datasets from the AutoML benchmark, demonstrating that QO-ES and QDO-ES often outrank GES, albeit only statistically significant on validation data. Our results further suggest that diversity can be beneficial for post hoc ensembling but also increases the risk of overfitting.
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