Preference learning for guiding the tree search in continuous POMDPsDownload PDF

Published: 30 Aug 2023, Last Modified: 25 Oct 2023CoRL 2023 PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: POMDP, Online planning, Guided Search, Preference-based learning
Abstract: A robot operating in a partially observable environment must perform sensing actions to achieve a goal, such as clearing the objects in front of a shelf to better localize a target object at the back, and estimate its shape for grasping. A POMDP is a principled framework for enabling robots to perform such information-gathering actions. Unfortunately, while robot manipulation domains involve high-dimensional and continuous observation and action spaces, most POMDP solvers are limited to discrete spaces. Recently, POMCPOW has been proposed for continuous POMDPs, which handles continuity using sampling and progressive widening. However, for robot manipulation problems involving camera observations and multiple objects, POMCPOW is too slow to be practical. We take inspiration from the recent work in learning to guide task and motion planning to propose a framework that learns to guide POMCPOW from past planning experience. Our method uses preference learning that utilizes both success and failure trajectories, where the preference label is given by the results of the tree search. We demonstrate the efficacy of our framework in several continuous partially observable robotics domains, including real-world manipulation, where our framework explicitly reasons about the uncertainty in off-the-shelf segmentation and pose estimation algorithms.
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