Unsupervisedly Training GANs for Segmenting Digital Pathology with Automatically Generated Annotations

Dec 06, 2018 MIDL 2019 Conference Full Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
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  • Abstract: Recently, generative adversarial networks exhibited excellent performances in semi-supervised image analysis scenarios. In this paper, we go even further by proposing a fully unsupervised approach for segmentation applications with prior knowledge of the objects’ shapes. We propose and investigate different strategies to generate simulated label data and perform image-to-image translation between the image and the label domain using an adversarial model. For experimental evaluation, we consider the segmentation of the glomeruli, an application scenario from renal pathology. Experiments provide proof of concept and also confirm that the strategy for creating the simulated label data is of particular relevance considering the stability of GAN trainings.
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  • Keywords: Adversarial Networks, Histology, Kidney, Segmentation, Unsupervised
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