Real-Time Quantitative Ultrasound and Radar Knowledge-Based Medical ImagingDownload PDF

Published: 28 Apr 2023, Last Modified: 13 Jun 2023MIDL 2023 Short paper track PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: ultrasound, radar, quantitative imaging, U-net, FWI, ISP, channel data
TL;DR: Real-time method to accurately reconstruct physical properties mappings from radar or ultrasound signals in complex simulation cases.
Abstract: Ultrasound and radar signals are useful for medical imaging due to their non-invasive, non-radiative, low-cost, and accessible nature. However, traditional imaging techniques lack resolution, contrast, and physical interpretation. Quantitative medical imaging is necessary for this purpose, as it provides a visual representation of physical characteristics. However, current techniques have drawbacks, including convergence to local minima and delayed results, which can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. To address these limitations, we propose a neural network that incorporates the symmetries and properties of the received signals to achieve real-time quantitative mappings of physical properties. Our method achieves high accuracy using several numerical metrics for complex shapes with less than 0.15 seconds per test sample, compared to 0.75-2 hours for the competing method.
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