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25 Feb 2022, 12:35 (modified: 16 Jul 2022, 13:35)AutoML-Conf 2022 (Main Track)Readers: Everyone
Abstract: Tree-structured multi-task architectures have been employed to jointly tackle multiple vision tasks in the context of multi-task learning (MTL). The major challenge is to determine where to branch out for each task given a backbone model to optimize for both task accuracy and computation efficiency. To address the challenge, this paper proposes a recommender that, given a set of tasks and a convolutional neural network-based backbone model, automatically suggests tree-structured multi-task architectures that could achieve a high task performance while meeting a user-specified computation budget without performing model training. Extensive evaluations on popular MTL benchmarks show that the recommended architectures could achieve competitive task accuracy and computation efficiency compared with state-of-the-art MTL methods. Our tree-structured multi-task model recommender is open-sourced and available at https://github.com/zhanglijun95/TreeMTL.
Keywords: Multi-Task Learning, Architecture Recommendation Framework
One-sentence Summary: A recommender for automatically suggesting tree-structured multi-task architectures with high task performance while meeting the computational budget.
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