Demystifying Poisoning Backdoor Attacks from a Statistical Perspective

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Keywords: backdoor attack, machine learning safety, asymptotic, statistical risk
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TL;DR: We provide both finite-sample and asymptotic statistical analysis for theoretically understanding the backdoor attack.
Abstract: Backdoor attacks pose a significant security risk to machine learning applications due to their stealthy nature and potentially serious consequences. Such attacks involve embedding triggers within a learning model with the intention of causing malicious behavior when an active trigger is present while maintaining regular functionality without it. This paper derives a fundamental understanding of backdoor attacks that applies to both discriminative and generative models, including diffusion models and large language models. We evaluate the effectiveness of any backdoor attack incorporating a constant trigger, by establishing tight lower and upper boundaries for the performance of the compromised model on both clean and backdoor test data. The developed theory answers a series of fundamental but previously underexplored problems, including (1) what are the determining factors for a backdoor attack's success, (2) what is the direction of the most effective backdoor attack, and (3) when will a human-imperceptible trigger succeed. We demonstrate the theory by conducting experiments using benchmark datasets and state-of-the-art backdoor attack scenarios. Our code is available \href{}{here}.
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Primary Area: societal considerations including fairness, safety, privacy
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