LinkedDataHub: Declarative, hypermedia-enabled Linked Data application platformDownload PDF

May 31, 2018 (edited Jun 01, 2018)ISWC 2018 DeSemWeb SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Submission Category: Decentralized Application
  • Keywords: web, rdf, linked data, semantic web, hypermedia, sparql, declarative, distributed, linkeddatahub
  • TL;DR: Decentralized Linked Data editing
  • Abstract: Demo video: In this demo we demonstrate a Linked Data editing use case between two logically distributed web applications running on the LinkedDataHub platform. In the accompanying paper we review the definitions of hypermedia, explain how Linked Data Templates (LDT) technology supports it and how it was used to implement LinkedDataHub. We conclude that REST, RDF and LDT provide a foundation for hypermedia applications; that such applications provide features that are not possible with other technologies, and that LinkedDataHub makes Linked Data less costly and more accessible.
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