StarHopper: A Touch Interface for Remote Object-Centric Drone NavigationDownload PDF

Dec 21, 2019 (edited May 28, 2020)Graphics Interface 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: Camera drones, a rapidly emerging technology, offer people the ability to remotely inspect an environment with a high degree of mobility and agility. However, manual remote piloting of a drone is prone to errors. In contrast, autopilot systems can require a significant degree of environmental knowledge and are not necessarily designed to support flexible visual inspections. Inspired by camera manipulation techniques in interactive graphics, we designed StarHopper, a novel touch screen interface for efficient object-centric camera drone navigation, in which a user directly specifies the navigation of a drone camera relative to a specified object of interest. The system relies on minimal environmental information and combines both manual and automated control mechanisms to give users the freedom to remotely explore an environment with efficiency and accuracy. A lab study shows that StarHopper offers an efficiency gain of 35.4% over manual piloting, complimented by an overall user preference towards our object-centric navigation system.
  • Keywords: Robot, Input Techniques, Navigation
  • TL;DR: StarHopper is a novel touch screen interface for efficient and flexible object-centric camera drone navigation
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