Reproducibility in Machine Learning-Based Studies: An Example of Text MiningDownload PDF

16 Jun 2017 (modified: 03 Aug 2017)ICML 2017 RML SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Abstract: Reproducibility is an essential requirement for computational studies including those based on machine learning techniques. However, many machine learning studies are either not reproducible or are difficult to reproduce. In this paper, we consider what information about text mining studies is crucial to successful reproduction of such studies. We identify a set of factors that affect reproducibility based on our experience of attempting to reproduce six studies proposing text mining techniques for the automation of the citation screening stage in the systematic review process. Subsequently, the reproducibility of 30 studies was evaluated based on the presence or otherwise of information relating to the factors. While the studies provide useful reports of their results, they lack information on access to the dataset in the form and order as used in the original study (as against raw data), the software environment used, randomization control and the implementation of proposed techniques. In order to increase the chances of being reproduced, researchers should ensure that details about and/or access to information about these factors are provided in their reports.
TL;DR: An exploration of text mining experiment factors affecting reproducibility
Keywords: Text mining, reproducibility, citation screening
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