Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Learning with Prototypical Random WalksDownload PDF

25 Sep 2019 (modified: 24 Dec 2019)ICLR 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
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  • Abstract: Learning from a few examples is a key characteristic of human intelligence that inspired machine learning researchers to build data-efficient AI models. Recent progress has shown that few-shot learning can be improved with access to unlabelled data, known as semi-supervised few-shot learning(SS-FSL). We introduce an SS-FSL approach, dubbed as Prototypical Random Walk Networks (PRWN), built on top of Prototypical Networks (PN). We develop a random walk semi-supervised loss that enables the network to learn representations that are compact and well-separated. Our work is related to the very recent development on graph-based approaches for few-shot learning. However, we show that achieved compact and well-separated class embeddings can be achieved by our prototypical random walk notion without needing additional graph-NN parameters or requiring a transductive setting where collective test set is provided. Our model outperforms prior art in most benchmarks with significant improvements in some cases. For example, in a mini-Imagenet 5-shot classification task, we obtain 69.65% accuracy to the 64.59% state-of-the-art. Our model, trained with 40% of the data as labelled, compares competitively against fully supervised prototypical networks, trained on 100% of the labels, even outperforming it in the 1-shot mini-Imagenet case with 50.89% to 49.4% accuracy. We also show that our model is resistant to distractors, unlabeled data that does not belong to any of the training classes, and hence reflecting robustness to labelled/unlabelled class distribution mismatch. We also performed a challenging discriminative power test, showing a relative improvement on top of the baseline of 14% on 20 classes on mini-Imagenet and 60% on 800 classes on Ominiglot.
  • Keywords: Few-Shot Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Random Walks
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