An Analysis of the Probabilistic Track of the IPC 2018Download PDF


Apr 13, 2019 (edited May 31, 2019)ICAPS 2019 Workshop WIPC Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Planning, Probabilistic Planning, International Planning Competition
  • Abstract: The International Planning Competition 2018 consisted of several tracks on classical, temporal and probabilistic planning. In this paper, we focus on the discrete MDP track of the probabilistic portion of the competition. We discuss the changes to the input language RDDL, which give rise to new challenges for planning systems, and analyze each of the eight competition domains separately and highlight unique properties. We demonstrate flaws of the used evaluation criterion, the IPC score, and discuss the need for optimal upper bounds. An evaluation of the three top-performers, including their post-competition versions, and a brief analysis of their performance highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the individual approaches.
  • Track: long (30 minutes)
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