Incentive-Aware Federated Learning with Training-Time Model Rewards

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Keywords: Collaborative learning, Incentives, Global-to-local design
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TL;DR: A novel algorithm that distributes training-time model rewards to incentivize client contributions for federated learning.
Abstract: In federated learning (FL), incentivizing contributions of training resources (e.g., data, compute) from potentially competitive clients is crucial. Existing incentive mechanisms often distribute post-training monetary rewards, which suffer from practical challenges of timeliness and feasibility of the rewards. Rewarding the clients after the completion of training may incentivize them to abort the collaboration, and monetizing the contribution is challenging in practice. To address these problems, we propose an incentive-aware algorithm that offers differentiated training-time model rewards for each client at each FL iteration. We theoretically prove that such a $\textit{local}$ design ensures the $\textit{global}$ objective of client incentivization. Through theoretical analyses, we further identify the issue of error propagation in model rewards and thus propose a stochastic reference-model recovery strategy to ensure theoretically that all the clients eventually obtain the optimal model in the limit. We perform extensive experiments to demonstrate the superior incentivizing performance of our method compared to existing baselines.
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