Weakly supervised lung cancer detection on label-free intraoperative microscopy with higher harmonic generation

Published: 27 Apr 2024, Last Modified: 22 May 2024MIDL 2024 Short PapersEveryoneRevisionsBibTeXCC BY 4.0
Keywords: higher harmonic generation microscopy, self-supervised pre-training, weakly-supervised learning, classification, attention, explainability, intraoperative, lung cancer
Abstract: Higher harmonic generation microscopy (HHGM) enables label-free on-site imaging of fresh tissue, potentially allowing a new means of pathology assessment for disease diagnosis. We investigate the potential of using self-supervised learning (SSL) in combination with weakly-supervised, attention-based, clustering constrained multiple instance learning (CLAM) to detect lung cancer in HHGM images. First, we tailor encoders to HHGM-specific data domain via both SimCLR and DINO SSL. Second, we train a CLAM classifier with and without an SSL feature extractor on 100 HHGM images acquired during bronchoscopy procedures. We show that SSL pre-training with random initialization and CLAM are beneficial to intraoperatively detect lung cancer in HHGM images.
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