Performance Robustness of AI Planners to Changes in Software EnvironmentDownload PDF


Apr 13, 2019 (edited May 14, 2019)ICAPS 2019 Workshop WIPC Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Performance robustness, Planning Engines, Competition
  • Abstract: Solver competitions have been used in many areas of AI to assess the current state of the art, and to guide future research and real-world applications. AI planning is no exception, and the International Planning Competition (IPC) has been frequently run for nearly two decades. Due to the organizational and computational burden involved with running these competitions, solvers are generally compared using a single homogeneous software environment for all competitors. In this work, we use the competing planners and benchmark instance sets from the 2014 IPC Agile and Optimal tracks to investigate two questions. First, how is planner performance affected by the specific choice of software environment? Second, is it a good strategy to run planners with more recent versions of their software dependencies, in order to maximise performance? By running these competition tracks on eight distinct software environments, we show that planner performance varies significantly based on the chosen software environment, that the magnitude of this variation differs considerably between planners, and that using more recent software versions is not always beneficial.
  • Track: short (15 minutes)
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