LinkChains: Exploring the space of decentralised trustworthy Linked DataDownload PDF

Jul 28, 2017ISWC 2017 DeSemWeb SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Submission Category: Vision Statement
  • Keywords: Linked Data, Distributed ledgers, Data integrity, Decentralisation
  • TL;DR: We explore the possible ways to guarantee Linked Data integrity by decentralising using distributed ledgers
  • Abstract: Distributed ledger platforms based on blockchains provide a fully distributed form of data storage which can guarantee data integrity. Certain use cases, such as medical applications, can benefit from guarantees that the results of arbitrary queries against a Linked Data set faithfully represent its contents as originally published, without tampering or data corruption. We describe potential approaches to the storage and querying of Linked Data with varying degrees of decentralisation and guarantees of integrity, using distributed ledgers, and discuss their a priori differences in performance, storage limitations and reliability, setting out a programme for future empirical research.
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