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  • TL;DR: A visual understanding mechanism for special environment
  • Abstract: The classification of images taken in special imaging environments except air is the first challenge in extending the applications of deep learning. We report on an UW-Net (Underwater Network), a new convolutional neural network (CNN) based network for underwater image classification. In this model, we simulate the visual correlation of background attention with image understanding for special environments, such as fog and underwater by constructing an inception-attention (I-A) module. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed UW-Net achieves an accuracy of 99.3% on underwater image classification, which is significantly better than other image classification networks, such as AlexNet, InceptionV3, ResNet and Se-ResNet. Moreover, we demonstrate the proposed IA module can be used to boost the performance of the existing object recognition networks. By substituting the inception module with the I-A module, the Inception-ResnetV2 network achieves a 10.7% top1 error rate and a 0% top5 error rate on the subset of ILSVRC-2012, which further illustrates the function of the background attention in the image classifications.
  • Keywords: Underwater image, Convolutional neural network, Image classification, Inception module, Attention module
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